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Welcome to the guild website! Just the basics for now, for any suggestions or items that you wish for me to put on the site email them to 
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Chimaeron and Council down!

Stairs, Feb 23, 11 5:16 PM.
Seriously guys stop it how am I supposed to keep up with newsposts when we're going this fast?

Anyway, to commemorate this momentous occasion, there is a celebratory picture of the horrifying hellbeast that we slew in a valiant battle below.

Atramedes Down (A while ago!)

Stairs, Feb 21, 11 6:45 PM.
I just realized I never made a newspost for Atramedes, so heres a quick one. I decided that it is kind've unfair for us to get all the attention in these screenshots, so this one is all about the bossman himself. Heres what the fight looked like from his perspective!
Heres the start of the fight:

Heres a good action shot:

This is phase 2:

And heres the last thing he saw before he died:

Great kill everybody, sorry this post is so late! I had to spend a long time on the images!

Maloriak Down!

Stairs, Feb 12, 11 2:53 PM.
Greetings Space Woriarz! Quick news update for everyone, MALORIAK DOWN WOO WE DA BEST. Luckily, cameras were rolling this time! It's a bit grainy since I didn't have time to set it up properly, but you should be able to tell whats going on!

For the Gloriarz of the Woriarz!

Valiona and Theralion down!

Stairs, Feb 8, 11 8:57 PM.
After a valiant battle against the dragon twins, we have triumphed! It took a real team effort to get these guys down, and I want everyone to give themselves a pat on the butt that lingers just a liiiittle too long, then a sly wink. Luckily, after last week's problem with no screenshots of the raid, I remembered this time! I know, I know, everyone was looking forward to more high quality artist's renditions of our glorious conquests, but this is a more traditional way to document our progress, and screenshots are much more accurate. Without further ado, here are the screenshots!

First week raiding results!

Stairs, Feb 1, 11 8:01 AM.
Great job everyone on a pretty stellar first week in. One unscheduled surprise raid and one scheduled raid and we have three bosses down. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of our kills so I've made some to display our greatness.

The first to fall was Omnotron Defense System (also, we mildly annoyed Magmaw for like half an hour, and in the process Bigmuff discovered the power of DRAGONSTORM Fury of Angerforge (Item)). This was an unscheduled impromptu raid and, all things considered, went alright. Perseverance was the name of game here, as we sucked a big ol' butt for like two hours while we all* remembered how to not be retarded. Here is an artistic representation of our kill:

Our loot was: Poison Protocol Pauldrons (Item) (Disenchanted), and X-Tron Duct Tape (Item) (Moof)

*not me, I'm awesome and already didn't suck.

On our scheduled raid last night, we decided to tackle Halfus first. Some things happened and I click buttons and we got loot. I didn't really pay attention! Here's my rendition of what happened:

Our loot was: Proto-Handler`s Gauntlets (Item) (Exokide) and Book of Binding Will (Item) (Moof)

Last up, we thought we'd go oneshot Magmaw and get the Parasite Evening achievement, so we did. Yeah, what's up.

Our loot was:Symbiotic Worm (Item) (Zomgitsed) and Crown of Burning Waters (Item) (Pubbie Priest)

Also we did BH but shit's weak and we're pro, so i'm not even gonna bother drawing anything. Just pick one of the other ones and pretend it says Argaloth. We disenchanted a pair of pvp feral pants and I think stinkbeard got some pvp gloves or some shit I DON'T KNOW, WHATEVS. 

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